We are alleghenies Abolition

This region of the Appalachian Mountains has long been known as “The Alleghenies.” The Alleghenies contain a long history of multi-ethnic abolitionist and labor organizing. Nineteenth-century radical abolitionists saw the Alleghenies as an important area to liberate in the fight against white supremacy and capitalism. The fight continues. Join us in our work to support our neighbors with groceries, education, health resources, and self defense!

End oppressive structures

We seek to dismantle all oppressive structures and in their place, build a more equitable and just society

reclaim resources

The United States is a settler or colonizer nation that exists on stolen land.

build autonomous power

Where we are told there is no hope for something better, our programs enact liberatory alternatives to the present state of things.

Learning through struggle

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What is Alleghenies abolition?

We are a group devoted to the liberation of working-class and oppressed people from capitalism and imperialism. We oppose the structures of exploitation, conquest, and supremacy that make up our society. Our aim is to end or abolish these systems that harm and kill working-class and oppressed people so we can bring about a new society based on care, cooperation, and need.


We are anti-capitalist

Capitalism directly opposes people working together collectively and democratically to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Capitalism is against people building communities based on care and human need.

We are anti-imperialist

Our society was created through the violent conquest and attempted elimination of Indigenous people. We support Indigenous and colonized people’s struggle to reclaim their land by dismantling colonizer societies.

We are abolitionists

Where we weaken and dismantle the institutions that harm people in the name of profit and white supremacy, we construct new ways of relating to each other based on care and cooperation.

We are anti-patriarchy

We reject all forms of misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia. We support, participate in, and are accountable to the class struggles of Feminist, Queer and Trans liberation movements.

We practice mutual aid

We develop mutual aid projects and networks that help people meet their needs in opposition to the state and market that have failed to do so. Mutual aid is when people self-organize ways to care for each other, particularly in the face of being forced to go without.

We prioritize political education

Through political education, we develop a knowledge of our material conditions, learn from others who have successfully struggled against the systems of oppression we continue to face, and develop new knowledge from the struggles we’re currently engaged in.

We practice community defense

Community defense is any effort that encourages the solidarity, resilience, and physical security of working-class and oppressed people. Such efforts allow people to defend themselves against white/right violence, misogynists, and the state.